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About Neil Dhillon

The 2019 Policy Landscape


U.S. Congress, Trump Administration, and State Government officials are in the most precarious position ever to initiate and pass meaningful legislative and regulatory reforms.  This means the reliance of creative and innovative approaches are essential in solving today's complex legislative and regulatory measures. 

With 15+ years experience in public policy, most notably as a senior aide in the U.S. Congress and White House, I can 'hit the ground running' in devising and executing a winning government relations program, and serve as Spokesperson (internal and external media relations). 

Some major policy issues for 2019:  


  • Economics & International Trade
  • Financial Services
  • Immigration
  • Health Care
  • Energy & Commerce
  • Science & Technology
  • Tax & Trade
  • Telecom
  • Defense & Terrorism
  • Oil & Gas
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyber Security
  • Net Neutrality, and much more...

If your business seeks to play a role on these important issues or in the policy making process, let's discuss an effective strategy.

In addition, the global media are also in constant need of finding 'thought leaders' to complete story lines and publications on top domestic and global issues.  Let's discuss the strategy on messaging content and arranging interviews with print and broadcast media.

I have served as a senior crisis communications professional to CEO's, Board of Directors, athletes, and many more. 

I have strong, bi-partisan working relations with leaders in the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch, as well as policy and business leaders in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East.

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Neil's Journey in Global Affairs


My first job was a newspaper delivery boy in a small town but my life's vision was public service and government relations.   With hard work and a commitment to public service, I was able to serve in senior legislative roles in the U.S. Congress and White House.

I began my path toward public policy and politics at American University in Washington, DC.  Upon graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, I embarked on my government relations career on Capitol Hill, starting as an intern and working my way up to Chief of Staff.  I served as the most trusted advisor for a senior Member of Congress from California who served on the powerful Ways and Means Tax-Writing Committee. 

From Capitol Hill, I headed to the White House, where I was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs at the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The President officially recognized me as one of his top Asian American appointees in a White House ceremony.

After this service in the White House, I transitioned to a business management career in the private sector.  I worked at the American Academy of Actuaries, where I served as Head of Media and Public Affairs, and then as Senior Vice President of Hill & Knowlton International Public Relations. During my six years with this lobbying and governmental affairs firm, we won “Agency of the Year” multiple times.

I also led two other global public affairs agencies to strong financial growth with added capabilities of top-tier lobbying activities across the globe.

Globally, I have represented corporate and foreign governments in Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.  

Most recently, I served as Spokesperson and Head of International Relations for the world's largest oil and gas company.

For 15+ years, I have worked hard for companies in solving complex legislative and regulatory issues, and working daily with today's leading global journalists (television, print, and social media).


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Government Relations (Bi-partisan) with U.S. Congress, Executive Branch, State Government


Thought Leadership

Direct Lobbying

PAC Management

Legislative & Regulatory

Congressional Testimony

Global Policy

Corporate & Crisis Communications

Expert Media Training

Print, Broadcast, and Social Media

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Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East

Policy Expertise:

Appropriations, Financial Services

Federal Budget

Energy & Commerce (Oil & Gas)

Tax reform, Intellectual Property

Health Care (Food, Drug, Tech)

Defense & Technology

Cyber Security

Data Privacy


Transportation & Infrastructure

Science & Technology

International Trade



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